OET (Occupational English Language test)

*GUIDELINES REGARDING OET* Courtesy : Dr.Arshia Anjum

▪You can attempt at any time ( during house job or even just after your final year result)

▪Validitiy = 2 years

▪Result is declared within 20 days ( result date for every test is already mentioned )

▪Result is announced in batches ( like if you get your result in the morning may be your friend gets it in the evening)


▪For doctors =OET medicine


▪ OET is not conducted in Pakistan and is available in 40 countries across the World, you can find the list on OET official website .

▪For Pakistanis, nesrest venue is Dubai because Visa is easier to get and cheaper as compared to other countries.In Dubai, there are three venues 1. CERT – HCT – Dubai Men’s College 2. Polyskills – Institute – International House Dubai3.University of Wollongong Dubai

▪Book any one which is available for your desired date of test.

▪Venue 2 and 3 are good in many ways.

1. They are near to some affordable 4 star hotels.

2. If you are planning to stay in Dubai for few days after your exam, metro will be near to your accommodation which is the cheapest way of travelling in Dubai. Uber is much expensive.

▪Some affordable good hotels which are near to both 2 and 3 venues.

● Ramada Chalsea Al Barsha

● Abidos Hotel Apartments Al barsha

● Mercure Dubai Barsha Heights – Hotel suits

● Floral Al Barsha- Mall of Emirates

▪ Last two are ideal as they are just by metro station.

▪ I stayed in first one which is 20-25 mins walk away from the Mall of Emirates metro station and if you feel going by foot its your choice but I actually regreted it later due to heat and sweating.

▪Metro actually covers the main worth seeing places in dubai including Ski Dubai in Mall of Emirates, Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Dera City Center etc.

▪If you have to go to other places as well then keep your pocket loose to spend much dirhams on uber.


▪On your test day, don’t use Metro because you will be anxoius to reach at the center at the right time and also no metro station is exactly near to centers , so it will be wiser to use uber.


1. Test registration fee = AUD $ 587( 400$ USD)

2. Visa fee = around 100 $ USD

3. Ticket = 325$ USD to 500$ USD ( earlier you book cheaper you’ll get , and it also depends on the Airline you are going to book)

4. ▪Subscription for writing checking for 8 letters AUD $40 ( 28 USD $ ) , if you have your got your all 8 letters checked and still have time , buy the bundle again , it will stregthen your writing and total cost would become AUD $ 80 ( 56 USD$)

▪if you also want some reading tests, there will be bundles of worth 10, 25 and 35 AUD $, choose according to your requirement.

5. Accomodation = 140-150 $ USD ( approx for four nights)6. Personal expenses = Depends on your budget and number of days of stay as well as the places you will be visting.Total expense= 1500- 2000 USD ( depends on many variants which are already explained)

* Important*

▪There is an app Skyscanner , if you download that app , you will be able to book your hotel on discounted price as well as your ticket. It also gives you daily update reagarding the cheapest tickets available of your desired destination.

▪All the hotels which are mentioned above are 4 star hotels and you can filter the search and you will find these hotels in the list.

▪For the visiting places , it is wiser to book tickets online i.e just google tickets for ski dubai and you will get many websites offering tickets on discounted prices and you can book tickets even before your travel , just mention the date and all payments are online. Do your proper research before booking the tickets to get best deals.

▪Metro is available at the airport terminal 1 and 3, so it will be cheapest to travel by metro from airport to your destination and even if you hotel is little away from metro station, Uber from there will be affordable.


▪ There are many ways to get UAE visa.

▪ You can apply online and get your visa.

▪ You can also get your visa through a consultant or travel agent , he can provide you with both ticket and visa.

▪You will need your passport sized photographs, ID card, Passport . No other documents are needed mostly.

There is also another option to book E-Visa: https://www.urdupoint.com/…/visa/united-arab-emirates.html

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