MSRA (Multi Speciality Recruitment Assessment)

This post is for those who wants to secure a job in speciality training. I have already explained in a different post as Foundation training post pathway is different than speciality training pathway. For speciality training different terms are used CT1/ST1. Some specialities have 3 years of training , some 5 and some 8.I won’t go in much detail for those in this post. Just note the following points here:

  • Speciality Training starts every year in August
  • Having said above you fill in applications previous year Nov-Dec . For posts commencing Aug 2021 , We submitted application Nov-Dec 2020
  • There are 2 rounds for each speciality , But you can apply for round one which means more chances you get in.
  • For each speciality training pathway you have to fulfill certain eligibility criteria e.g, for Obs and Gynae: You can not have more than 24 months experience in Obs and Gynae before start date of post.
  • You have to get your CREST form signed and attach with application. (Details for Crest form explained here)

For MSRA note following points:

  • Only limited specialities use MSRA like GP,Obs Gynae, Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery, psychiatry, Radiology, Anesthesia
  • All of the above specialities have same pattern of MSRA and same pool of questions e.g The person applying for GP training and person applying for Obs Gynae training have same pattern
  • Every speciality uses MSRA score differently e.g The person applying for GP have to appear in other assessments as per their route and person applying for anesthesia have different further assessments
  • Every speciality uses MSRA score differently e.g For the person applying for Obs and gynae only 33% of MSRA score counts for final rankings and for Psychiatry 100% of MSRA score counts for final rankings
  • There are 2 papers of MSRA 1.Clinial paper 2. Situational Judgment test (SJT)
  • Both of the above papers happens together with 5 minute break in between
  • In order to pass MSRA you have to pass both papers separately e.g, if you score high in clinical paper and fail SJT you fail MSRA . So both parts are equally important
  • MSRA is very lengthy exam but assessing foundation year knowledge (just like PLAB exam)
  • Everyone who is having exam with you (Does not matter which speciality) will have different questions but from same pattern
  • There is relative pass percentage of exam. Your competition will decide the bench mark.
  • MSRA exam happens globally for almost 2 week , so you can find slot at your convenience ( it is held online in Pearson centres). I found my centre in ISB Pakistan.
  • This exam is free of cost. No fee at all.
  • you can use any online subscription to practice exam questions. (I had emedica online which was helpful but there are many like Aman arora’s, Passmedicine etc)
  • If you study main topics from oxford ,specially areas which are major liek CVS,respiratory and focus on your weakness that would be helpful.
  • For SJT read GMC good practice guidelines and practice as much as you can by understanding the concepts of empathy, honesty, safety, confidentiality.

I hope that was helpful, If you have any concerns please contact us. Wish you luck !

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