What are F1/F2 training and non training jobs?

We all have certain questions about job in UK but before jumping to that part it is very important to understand some basic things.

In Uk for junior doctors there are various ways to start. But major difference is training foundation year or non training foundation year which is also known as trust grade doctor.

In Uk foundation year is 2 years but in some countries it is 1 year which is equal to uk 2 year.

-Foundation year is also known as housejob in some countries like Pakistan-

After completing your foundation year competency either from your own country or UK training pathway you get Full GMC registration.
Than you can apply for non training jobs of foundation year but also can apply for speciality training or non training jobs.

But if you have not gotten foundation year competency, you get provisional Gmc registration and you can complete Uk foundation year programmes via training foundation year pathway and than you get same pathway as explained above for trust grade post.

To understand more about uk foundation training pathway please visit UKFPO site for details.