Expenses in UK

So after having an idea about pay structure in UK , How much I am going to be spending ?

  • How much you can save ? It depends on lots of factors with your spending . I will share some general expense categories , but your number of dependents , how much as couple you are earning etc it will help understand your saving, not just how much you can earn.

Accommodation : Renting any accommodation can vary from 500-2000 GBP per month , Because it depends on location and what sort of property are you renting. Bedroom in shared accommodation is cheaper than 3 bed room house with a garden as general example. Another example living in studio flat in London might have same rent as 2 bed flat in southwest of England.

Council Tax: When you are renting , usually it does not include any additional costs like bills and council tax. Yes , you need to register yourself as tenant in council of Town or City you are living for welfare services they are providing you. Generally it is between 100-200 GBP per month , again depends on location and band etc. You can check council sites , Like Birmingham city council site etc

Bills: Gas, Electricity , Water , Internet , if bought TV licence, Parking permit if applicable etc , again depends how much is your usage and how many are using. For a couple , roughly 50 for water, 100 for gas and electricity , 30 for internet per month.
Transport : For starters, who are going to use public transport , you can get bus and train passes and can sometimes get NHS discounts as well. Now how much you are going to spend each month , depends how far do you live from your work place , grocery market , your outings etc . But minimum 100-150 pound per month . But if you have your car , you need to pay for car insurance per month (depends model , your driving licence validity and etc), parking spots, fines if any on parking or speed limits, fuel, repairs, maintenance.

Grocery : Keep somewhere between 300-400 for a couple, rates are almost same for basic necessities. You will have same stores everywhere and rates are more or less same , but it depends how frequent you order takeaways or outings etc.
Other extras: There can be some extras like any subscriptions if you buy any , like netflix ,amazon, Gym , mobile data package , Travel money , visa fee , buying medicine/prescription if you are unwell etc.

Just do not forget , if you are earning in GBP now , you are going to spend in same currency , But it is still doable !

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