Pay for junior doctors in UK

Some basic facts about NHS pay

  • Generally there is same basic pay scale in all NHS hospitals in UK (England and Scotland has bit different scale).
  • Government hospitals are under NHS , there are private setups , where you can secure jobs after GMC registration (but no experience with that, it is a different topic and area)
  • Your pay in training and non training is not much different , in non training jobs you can negotiate a bit at level of your expertise and experiences
  • Your pay contract is per annum and paid in your bank account monthly on time , no matter which hospital you work
  • Your pay is taxed , and you receive your pay after deductions.
  • Initial 50,000 GBP per annum is taxed with 20% and above that is 40%
  • You can use a site called ‘Take home salary calculator’ which will tell you monthly take home salary after tax deductions
  • Your are paid Basic pay + Extras (which include how frequent are your on calls , weekends , nights , out of hours)
  • From your pay , Tax , National insurance and Pension is automatically deducted . you can opt out of pension and add 200-300 GBP on top of your salary.

I will just roughly tell you take home monthly salary for different levels after deducting tax and pension, (what does each level mean , check my other posts for that). This is just a rough estimate.

  • FY1 2000 GBP.
  • FY2 2200 GBP
  • CT/ST 1-2 2800 GBP
  • CT/ST 3-8 3400 GBP

Table will show per annum pay on your job contract with and without on calls. (Just a rough estimates)

GradeGross basic salary without on calls (annual)Gross total salary for a typical work pattern including on calls (annual)
FY1£ 27,000£ 33,300
FY2£ 31,400£ 38,500
CT/ST1-2£ 37,200£ 49,900
CT/ST3-8£ 47,130£ 63,200

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