Exchanging or Buying seats for PLAB

He/She: Hey! Someone is asking me to pay XYZ amount to get me a seat for PLAB1/2. or Hey! Someone is saying , we can exchange our PLAB dates due to XYZ reasons. or Hey! Someone is saying they will drop their seat so I can book it , and they are going to show me live while they drop, and I have to pay them cancellation fee. SHALL I GO FOR IT??
Simple answer is : NO FOR ANY OF ABOVE EXAMPLES.

I totally understand that it is quite frustrating people are not able to book PLAB dates and than they have to wait for months. Sometimes we fail in PLAB1/2 and than we want to get next date at earliest due to IELTS/OET/Visa getting expired. But you should not fell for these scams! Yes these are traps.

There is no official permission to do such things, so be mindful about GMC regulations and specially when you are giving your GMC access to any unknowns to book exam for you.

And It is very likely you are going to loose that money , you are paying to someone to drop seat for you, no matter that person is a friend, because if they drop the seat , there is no guarantee it is going to show on your screen ( I have been there) and why does that happen? No one knows. GMC gets many calls about it and they advise against it that it is not officially recommended and they cannot help you in that regards.
It is not ethical and it is very risky. So what should you do ?
If you are struggling due to any reasons, it is better to explain your situation to GMC and see if they can help. For PLAB1 if you are not able to get a seat in your country , you can always try to look for any place in nearby country and for PLAB2 if VISA is the issue , you can always get 2nd VISA. If IELTS/OET is issue , you can always seek advise/help from GMC. You will spend same amount of money maybe but its safe and secure. Please Do not get scammed !

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