PLAB and Housejob

Shall I do house job in my country ?

Most of the people have this concern ,I want to do plab or job in any other country, where housejob is not required shall I still do housejob??

My answer is definitely you should. Because

🔓 It will secure your pathway for other routes as well

🔓 you will get some clinical knowledge , by not doing housejob your clinical experience is zero as compare to uk graduates if they start house-job than they already have been getting clinical exposure for 2 years and you will feel less comfortable.

🔒 your most of plab or any other basic exam test the basic knowledge which you can learn better in clinical settings

🔒By not doing your housejob your only pathway to start job in uk will be foundation year training program and training programs are not easy to get into.

Note : Just to clarify Housejob is not required for Training foundation year job but if you have done housejob and have gotten GMC registration than you can choose either Training foundation year , Non training Junior level jobs or Speciality training jobs, have given details in other post.

I did my IELTS , Plab1 in housejob. Helpful? Share with others , help to help!

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