Hello! For those who do not know me, I am a girl who likes to do something extra apart from just being a “Doctor in Hospital“.

I am working as as Specialty trainee in Obs & Gynae in East Midland Deanery UK . I have been in UK since Dec 2019.

So for background I have done my graduation from Fatima memorial Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan in 2016. I was using facebook as platform to run my medical page as blog.During my housejob I planned to come UK due to some personal reasons and I started my Plab route in 2017 (during my housejob). I had been off from social media for a while and took me some time to restart what I loved to do most and that was … yes highlighted previously to do some blog stuff to help. So I am hoping to contribute in community with whatever little I can.

What I will be posting on this blog ?

Mostly motivational stuff, myths about UK career, discussing some common topics.

I just want to leave something behind when I am gone!