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This was my 2nd job in NHS. I joined Yeovil District Hospital as F2 LAS (non training job) on one year contract.

People say: ‘You would not find OBGYN non training post for junior level’ . WELL, that is not true. It is totally how you look for jobs. Now let su clarify few things before jumping to work life of OBGYN.

  1. F2 LAS means Locum appointment service job , which is simply non training job. you are appointed to provide service in absence of those who were meant to join. So for example F2 LAS means any F2 was meant to join as training but they did not so we got F2LAS availability.
  2. If you are in search of any jobs which are specific field related like OBGYN, you might find these jobs as LAS and usually they are due to start in August.

How I got Job?

I applied for this job in May 2020. The benefits I had were I was matching Job description and I had experience of NHS for almost 6-8 months as F1 non training. I had house job experience of OBGYN in Pakistan and that helped a lot to stand out in shortlisting. I was keen to work in OBGYN and that is what I mentioned in my supporting information.

Interview for OBGYN:

Now this was interesting , as I was always told that non training OBGYN are not easily available. My interview was straightforward like any other junior level interviews. They asked me about following things:

  1. Talk about your career background –> I did mention about everything from beginning but showed my interest in OBGYN in particular.
  2. Audit experience –> I did 2 Audits in my 1st NHS jobs so that helped me gain some points
  3. Teaching experience –> I don’t have any formal teaching experience but I showed my interest
  4. Clinical scenario –> Now in interview panel there were 2 consultants and one senior midwife, I was given some gynaecology emergency ( scenario related ruptured ectopic pregnancy) and they were assessing me on Diagnosis , Initial management, Team work, safety, My limitation.
  5. My strength and weakness –> Now one important point to mention here I was not doing any on calls in my 1st NHS job so I was honest about that here.

So it was almost 30 mins interview , they had almost 100 applications and gladly I was offered job and I was told later My passion for the field was reason they wanted to support me for this job (and of course other things) and I am very grateful to them.

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