Working in OBGYN as junior

So as promised in previous post we will talk about work life of OBGYN junior doctor. The responsibility of F2/ST1 are more or less same. It is very senior led field so do not worry if you are scared to start your job in OBGYN. ST3 or higher levels are working as registrar level and they would have experience in OBGYN already.

Now if you have previous experience in OBGYN that is plus point but if you do not have it you do not have to panic if it is your first time.

Our working rota and pattern is different than other jobs (like medicine) because it is very diverse field. So as junior doctor on your non on call days you will be rotating in followings:

  1. Antenatal clinics : You will be doing clinic with seniors (Registrar+/- Consultant), You will consult very straight forward antenatal obstetric patients and than discuss your plan with senior. It is very busy but equally interesting clinic.
  2. Gynae outpatient: Again you will be taking history , doing examination and discussing plan with senior.
  3. There will be various special clinics as well like menorrhagia clinic, fertility clinic, minor procedure clinic , Fat tract clinic. But the job is same.
  4. Theatre lists : now there are Elective CS list, Gyane theatres, Joint lists(Evacuation of retained products or any other minor procedures). You will be assisting the surgeon who will be either your registrar or consultant.
  5. TOP clinics: Termination of pregnancy clinic, Now this is something optional, if you have no objections with this clinic you can opt in or opt out for this. You will be working slightly independently. Females in their early pregnancy will be referred to this clinic via BAPIO service and in this clinic they will see a counsellor first. The counsellor will assess reasons, options and possibilities about TOP with lady. After counsellor they will come to you with chosen option medical or surgical management (MTOP/STOP). than you assess them, consent them, give information, give medications if MTOP or book for list if STOP.
  6. EPAC/GAU: Early pregnancy assessment unit (EPAC) , Gynae Assessment Unit (GAU) , this clinic is run by speciality nurses , sometimes they need your help in scan discussion, BHCG levels, Prescribing , consenting or any of those thing . Females who are pregnant up to 20 weeks and coming in EPAC hours can be seen there with issues like Nausea, Vomiting, PV bleed
  7. DACU : Day care assessment unit: This is like a drop in clinic for pregnant ladies after 20 weeks with certain issues like reduced featal movements, PV bleed , review of Blood, headache etc
  8. Labour ward: As we know labouring patient will be coming there and there is excellent team of Midwives who are taking care of them and you will be working with them as team.

On your on call day/night you will be dealing with 6,7,8 and sometimes if they need support they can ask you to cover any clinics/ theatres in between.

I will discuss working day on call for day and night in separate post and will try to cover each clinic separately.

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