How to score Max in Interview?

When you start your medical career you face a lot of interviews. As a medical profession,I understand we focus more on our clinical knowledge and assume if we know much about relevant field (like med, Obgyn, surgery) and have relevant experience , we are going to get it.But sadly that is not true.

Your ‘communication skills’ are key to ace any interview. The relevant clinical knowledge, skills, experiences was already assessed in your resume/ application/ exams (Like PLAB. MSRA). Now,if you got the invite you are halfway there. You have been good enough than other applicants.
During Interview you have to sell yourself to panel.

I have few tips which I will share with you.

  • You need to know what they are looking for a successful candidate in interview. Like Punctuality , Good communication skills, Good team player etc (It will be mentioned on job advertisment or interview pattern like for obgyn)
  • You need to be prepared for relevant questions for above mentioned with examples. Like how can you explain you are a good team player.
  • You need to explain that attribute how can it be helpful for relevant post like how team playing is important in your relevant role.
  • You should have to be prepared for a typical question what are your strengths and weakness and than again explain with above points , how it has helped (strength) and how it has affected or how you plan to overcome it (weakness)
  • Do not speak for longer time. Please give interviewer chance to question you and on other hand please be elaborative in concise answers.
  • Understand the questions and be patient in jumping to answer.
  • Be mindful of how you communicate , Good eye contact, good listening and speaking. They are looking for someone who is ‘appointable’ and comfortable for work environment.
  • Dress up properly even if its remote interview.
  • Please clear the mess behind your screen frame if its remote interview. An appropriate, calm place with appropriate light is important.

So just remember Sell yourself and confidence is your Key !

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