Travel from UK and COVID

I have travelled from London Heathrow to Lahore Pakistan on round trip from 26-01-2021 to 20-02-21 via Virgin airline direct flight.I want to share some information.

Who can travel ?? Only essential travel from UK is allowed. I had some family reasons to travel so I did take all the risks. I travelled on 26-01-21 and they did not ask for any documentation with regards to travel reasons.

Pre-Departure paperwork from UK: You need to check current guidelines of the country you are travelling from and the one you are travelling to and the airline on which you are boarding and need to fulfill all paperwork before departure.

For Pakistan I had to get my PCR COVID swab (not rapid antigen or any other test) done no more than 72 hours. Few points to note are test results take 24-48 hours after swab taken and it should be arranged privately, NHS swabs are not acceptable because along with Negative results you need Fit to fly certificate from test organizers. I got mine from Heathrow express drive through , It cost me 80 GBP but got my results the same day.

On Arrival to Pakistan: You need to download and upload your details on Pass track application by Pakistan , They do rapid antigen test for selective flights (Including UK) for free before baggage claim.

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