ST1 OBGYN Interview (Self Assessment)

It is 2nd part of your interview , It will be roughly 5-10 minutes. There will be two consultants as interview panel. They did not ask for any Physical portfolio.Both of them are marking you.You have to score at least 50% to pass this station. You will have detailed feedback with comments when you get your results.Your set of questions from interviewer will be around these topics , they can ask various Questions like:

Understanding and Commitment to speciality:

  • What is your understanding about OBGYN training?
  • How can you show your commitment to speciality ?
  • What is your biggest achievement , how does it relate to OBGYN ?
  • What is your understanding about OBGYN as career?

Training Requirements for first 12 months :

What is your understanding about initial 12 months as ST1 training and how do you plan to achieve them?

Quality Improvement projects:

  • What is difference between Audit/QIP/Research?
  • Have you done any projects please explain? (does not have to be in OBGYN)

Teaching Experience:

Your teaching experience and your understanding about importance

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