ST1 Interview (OBGYN)

I have had my ST1 OBGYN interview in march 2021.I got 86% in interview.

After ST1 applications via oriel –>(Longlisiting) invite for MSRA exam –>(Shortlisting) Invite for interview –> preferences for job –> results released –> Job offer

I will explain all the steps separately. In the following post we will just focus on Interview structure and everything related to it.

They have changed interview format a bit due to Covid, its happening online via microsoft teams.

There was no portfolio station, so they did not check for any certifications / log book etc.

Interview had 2 segments 1. Clinical prioritisation 2. Structured interview

In clinical prioritisation, you will be given 4 scenarios where different tasks are pending and you will have to speak about your approach (reasons of prioritization and management)for 6 minutes without any feedback from any interviewer . e.g, There is a patient awaiting cannula and late for his antibiotics , There is a patient with BP 90/60 etc and awaiting your review , There is a family member of patient 1 awaiting updates on him. What will be your approach ? and you have F1 , Nursing staff , Med reg on call available for help if you need. Tasks are to be ranked first in order of priority. The first priority carries max of 6 marks, Priority 2 & 3 4 marks each and priority 4 2 marks (with both examiners scoring in 2 places). And the time given to go through this station is 6mins. You will given a notification once you have 1min left afterwards you will be muted if you are still talking

In structured Interview, again you will be timed probably 1o minutes and the interviewer will ask you questions to assess certain domains of interview and you will score based on that. They assess commitment to speciality ( how much you know and how willing you are) , QIP/Audit , Teaching , Teamwork and leadership. So everything you say is scored , They are not asking to show any certifications/log books.

There were 2 interviewer , one was actively asking question and other was observing but both of them are marking you and you will get feedback from both of them with your results.

You have to score at least 50% in both segments to pass interview. If in clinical prioritisation station they feel you are not safe or any significant concerns arise you won’t pass at all.

Interview is very basic but it is very important how you answer these basic questions. I practiced Neha’s Obs interview online subscription.

I hope this post was helpful, if any questions please let me know.