I have passed my MRCOG Part 1 in July 2022 exam. I have passed in my 2nd attempt. My 1st attempt was in 2020. I will explain few points about exam and share my prep sources, tips.

Why I failed my 1st attempt ?
It was not because exam was very difficult , it is because I did not seriously prepare for exam and failed (with3-5% maybe) . I attempted the exam before my OBGYN job (training /non training) so was not ready.

Should You attempt exam before training jobs?
You can , as in some countries MRCOG Part1 is required to enter in training job but in UK it was not mandatory requirement.

How many Questions are asked in exam?
It is MCQ based exam (single best answer /SBA) and in divided in two parts (Part A and Part B). So basically on exam day you will have two papers (Part A and Part B) with a break in between. 100 SBAs in each paper so making it 200 SBAs in total.

What is Part A and Part B?
It is just division of subjects , Part A consists of Anatomy , Biochemistry , Embryology , Endocrinology, Stats, Genetics and Physiology. Part B consists of Biophysics, Clinical Management, Data interpretation , immunology , Pathology , Microbiology, Pharmacology.

What is pass percentage ?
You have to pass both exams separately in order to pass.They make a percentile (you are compared with others on that day and so), usually its between 70-75% (not too sure).

What Kind of Questions are asked in Exam?
So , as in UK OBGYN training is 7 years and by end of year 2 you are required to pass MRCOG Part 1 exam. So you are assessed basic knowledge of OBGYN at this level. All the subjects as mentioned above have different proportion in exam (as anatomy will have major contribution as compare to biochemistry).

Your questions will be related to obgyn , like in anatomy they are not assessing you on anatomy of heart/neurosurgery but focus on pelvis, perineum etc. Some subjects will be general like biochemistry etc.You can check details at RCOG site.

How I did my preparation?
I enrolled in an online revision course so I can revise with schedule otherwise I was not getting a clue to discipline myself , (But enrolling in a course is not mandatory).
I used ‘Oxford revision notes’ as my main book and prepared my notes.
I practiced MCQ bank given by course , 400 MCQs by Katherine and Pass MRCOG bank. There is StratOG subscription as well(I did that in my 1st attempt). But there are various in market. Just do as many as you can, but understand the theme of questions!

Not all the resources in market are mandatory but you just need to start from anywhere and decide what is suitable way for you.
Than there are recalls (usually you will find these files on facebook/telegram groups), these are past recalled statements/ mcqs from exams , but again JUST USE THEM TO UNDERSTAND THE THEME OF QUESTIONS , DO NOT TRY TO CRAM THESE QUESTION!

How much time is needed for preparation?
It is totally person dependent and day to day routine. But it definitely is doable within 6 months (with tough routine)

Fee for exam is around 400-500 GBP , please check RCOG sites for exact numbers.

You have to register your interest for exam before you can book an exam, for example you are looking to book July 2023 exam , start looking for closing dates for interest registration. Than you will receive an email to pay exam fee and book.

(For Doctors in UK), Not all hospitals/Trusts will pay fee for your exams , please check your local trust policy for exam fee / study leave for exam preparation.

If you have any question , please feel free to contact on our insta page (Shaista.Medhelpers)

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