Shall I chose GP or OBGYN?

I learnt a lesson that you should never apply for a job if you are really not interested in that one. First of all if you get selected you will be confused that you should go accept the offer or not, Secondly if you are going to refuse the offer you already wasted your own time and energy and for others as well.

I advise to think wisely about choosing any long run job specially training jobs, because its a long run decision and requires a lot of commitment form you.
When I applied for training application , I just submitted single application for obgyn , It looks tempting at first to apply for multiple fields at once like GP, internal medicine, surgery etc. But it will confuse you more and also requires separate work up for both applications.
If you apply for OBGYN and GP , and you get shortlisted for both, You will get one offer before other. Let’s say you got GP offer before OBGYN offer and now you have to decide either you want to accept or drop and wait for OBGYN offer. Which is very risky and confusing , You might end up losing GP offer and don’t get any offers from OBGYN.

I want you to keep in mind , that you can hold one offer for some specific time but you can only hold one offer at one time, the minute you want to hold next offer you have to drop previous offer. (If you got GP offer and you had it on hold, when you get OBGYN offer, You have to drop one offer)

If you are at this point where you have done same as explained above, I want you to think wisely now and see why you submitted your application and analyse pros and cons for both. I want you to think where you want to see yourself in next 10 years. If that requires waiting another year to reapply in next round, I would do that. Please do not make your decision based on duration of training years, and rush in decision. Take your time and analyse wisely and discuss with someone. I would also advise before jumping for any training experience that field by doing taster week, non training job, attachment etc.

I hope it helps ! There is no right or wrong field, It is finding what and why you want.

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