My Journey to UK

My Timeline:

  • Graduated from Fatima Memorial Hospital,Lahore,Pakistan in 2016
  • Housejob in Mayo Hospital (Medicine, Surgery,Radiology,Obstetrics and Gynae) May 2017- May 2018.
  • Emergency Medical officer in Fatima Memorial Hospital for 3 months May 2018-August 2018.
  • Ielts in housejob Radiology rotation in 2017.
  • PLab 1 in housejob Obstetrics rotation in 2018.
  • PLab 2 1st attempt October 2018 –> Failed
  • PLab2 2nd attempt May 2019–> Passed
  • GMC Full registration –> July 2019
  • 1st Job interview –> August 2019–> rejected
  • 2nd Job interview –> September 2019 –> FY1 non training Neurosurgery
  • started first job –> 2nd December 2019
  • Next job interviews –> July 2020
  • Next job F2 non training F2 Obstetrics and Gynaecology –> August 2020 (Currently here)

Challenges I had:

Deciding Pathway : Well I chose UK , because the pathway looked easier and quicker to get into job in short time as compared to other international exams. It took 2 years to start 1st job but that includes my housejob and career break as well.

Financial Problem: Like most of us , it looks an issue , I had nothing and took help of some closed ones to loan me money and have faith in me which they did. (I will discuss finances in details in other post) but it was not difficult to return the amount within 1 year of job.

Travelling alone: Yes, this was a concern with me being a girl travelling for my plab , but I had to counsell my family to let me do it. so it is not impossible and it is not difficult to manage if you are a girl!

Non Training jobs without clinical attachment: well I got one , and you surely can, (another post explaining that)

Failing PLAB 2 in first attempt: Well this was the most important one, it was my first ever exam which I failed and I could not believe myself.. But it surely taught me many things which helped me understand it was justified. and also one of the main motives which made me write blogs. I learnt it is ok to fail !

Well in a nutshell “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” If I can do it , anyone can do it..!