VISA Timeline and process 2021

I will be sharing some points regarding our visa application for my new job. I am starting an OBGYN training job 04/08/2021. For the Training job application process check other posts.

I received my training job offer 30/4/2021 on oriel. I accepted my offer and did all the pre-employment checks required for COS. Please check other posts for those details.

I received my COS on the TIER2 portal (where all documents are uploaded for COS for training posts). After a couple of weeks on 21/06/2021 they uploaded my COS on the same portal (I did not receive any email notification).My COS was for 5 years. Because COS length will depend on the number of years required in training post/ contract in case of non-training job. They would not issue COS for more than 5 years as OBGYN training is for 7 years but still not more than 5 years.

I applied for a skills care visa from the GOV.UK site. I applied for both me and my dependent the same day. It was pretty much the same application when you applied for your first TIER 2. I submitted the visa fee which was 478 for each of us (966 for both). There is no IHS fee.

After submitting my application online, I needed to book biometric appointments (when I applied extension of TIER2 in non-training post it was not required). It will give you link for UKVCAS site, you will make your account there. Than you need to upload copies of your supporting documents like passport, previous BRP, COS letter etc. or you can take your documents on your appointment and they do it there.

After this you need to select a venue and date for your appointments. Some appointments are available free of cost but they may not be available near you or on suitable dates. I paid 145 (72.50 each) pound for our appointments in Exeter. Although I had closer dates in the same centre, it was not suitable for me.

I went for my appointment on 29/6/21 and it was simply taking fingerprints, taking photos and signing off your application. 

I received approval of my visa application on 20/7/21 

I received my BRP on 22/7/21 without any prior emails.

Just to note:

  • Training and non-training application process is more likely the same, the only difference was Biometric appointments.
  • You can start your new job without a new BRP and without having to make a decision on your application. You need to provide proof that you have submitted it online. But please check with your trust.
  • After receiving your BRP inform, your trust
  • Tear old BRP and send it to the relevant address explained in letters.

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