About MedHelpers



Medical is basically all about Help, We all are chosen to help humanity, This is what everybody expects from us, so Help in our genes and here with a  strong team, We put an ease to solve problem of our fellows and juniors. What we do is for Almighty and nothing else.
“MEDHELPERS”is developed to help all medical students, not for just one specific batch,

We have a facebook page and website, Here you can find all stuff to help you with your professionals. You will find many new innovations here with time. Just grab the things you need and get through it all & remember us in your precious prayers.

What is the aim?

Help to Help others.

What are objectives?

ü       Providing tips & study guideline for students to pass prof

ü      Guidelines how to get a better grip

ü      News related to your prof

ü      Counseling if you are worried

ü     Motivational quotes on facebook page

ü     Important notes on various topics

ü     UHS past papers solved & unsolved

ü     Sendup papers of different medical colleges every year

ü     For mobile updates Pring service

About Owner:

Shaista Malik, batch 2011-2016 from Fatima memorial Lahore, is the owner of MEDHELPERS.

She is sincere, humble and always willing to help. She has been class representative of her batch 2011-2016.She is representative of “The student mag” (TSM).She is editor of student magazine in her college.

Shaista had been manager of Medcom, but left in 2015 due to certain reasons and made Medhelpers. While in medcom she started past paper solving project, sendup collection project, viva question project, OSPE collection project,Med-com BDS point(one & only platform for BDS sessions) and yes “Dawat e medcom” in which medical students from all over Punjab were invited.

 Future plans:

 Take Medhelpers to a new level with help from all of you.


 What we need from you?

  1.          Help us to help you by sharing Medhelpers’ fb page and website with others.
  2.          We always look forward to your feedback.